Hawkins Lookout

Bring a picnic....

Hawkins Lookout offers exquisite views over the Hawkesbury River for anyone heading to Wisemans Ferry from Sydney. The lookout is located right next to Old Northern Road, so there is no walking involved. It has picnic tables, a barbecue and a tank. There is also a small carpark on the site too.

Hawkins Lookout is one of the best places in the state to check out the picturesque views of the Hawkesbury River. 

Situated just off the Old Northern Road, in Wisemans Ferry, the lookout provides the perfect place to stop, enjoy a bite to eat and lap up the jaw-dropping views of the valley below. 

Several improvements were made to the long-time picnic spot in 2018 including:

  • Lookout platform replaced and made it bigger so that more people can enjoy the panoramic views
  • Car park providing easy access into the facility and more parking spaces for visitors.
  • Trees which surrounded the original platform have been retained in the overall design and
  • Sandstone blocks from a local quarry were added to reinforce the natural beauty of the site.
  • A Corten steel artwork of a heritage bus, which pays homage to bus driver, Fred Hawkins whom the lookout is named after (Fred Hawkins ran a bus service from Windsor to Wisemans Ferry via Pitt Town. He is reported to have made the stop at the steepest hill overlooking the River so that his passengers could take in the scenery. He was also known to fill up his radiator with water from a can during these breaks, or from the natural waterholes located on the roadside). 

The lookout was purchased by Council in 1961 and continues to provide a respite for those making the journey north.