1947 Kuringai Sydney Ferry rescue

Lovingly restored by Steve Cleary


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In December 2018 Steve Cleary snatched this beautiful 1947 Sydney ferry known as ‘Kuringai’ from the wrecker’s jaw by re-floating her, after she broke her mooring in a gale and sunk. Steve’s mission is to save this beautiful ex-Sydney Ferry (built in 1947) and keep her gracing the waters of the fabulous Hawkesbury River for many years to come.

The interior is nearing completion and Steve is now in the final planning stage of replacing the wrecked diesel engine with an electric Solar/ battery powered system. To get this beautiful & historic boat back to its former glory Steve has set up a gofundme page and is very grateful for any and every contribution no matter how big or small.

Motor / Controller Kit (Netgain HyPer9 AC Motor/Controller from EVolution Australia)
Sync Belt Drive changeable ratio: Approx 5:1 (from Naismith power transmissions)
Mounting plate & thrust Bearing (Laser cut stainless steel)
Lithium Battery pack and BMS 120v 100Ah (40 x CALB LiFePO4 cells from EV Works)
Battery charger (from Evolution Australia)
Cableing terminals & fixings etc