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Marra Marra
Marra Marra is the tiniest of the boat access river communities, located  inland & up river from Brooklyn/ Mooney Mooney & the M1 Freeway.....The community is so small that it is not even named on google maps....& yet it is just a 10km boat journey , approx 20 mins by water taxi & 40 mins by self drive hire boat from the Brooklyn/Mooney Mooney are . . .

. . .

Dangar Island

Dangar Island offers a taste of the tranquil 'village' life,.... of days gone by , where wheelbarrows are the main mode, for moving shopping from the jetty to home. The island  is one of very few boat access communities in the Hawkesbury / Pittwater  area that has the benefit of a regular ferry service.

SPENCER is a affectionately known as THE HUB OF THE UNIVERSE, being the next township after Brooklyn, as you travel up river, that can be reached by both boat & car. It is a wonderful sleepy hollow with Spencer General Store ( More Details . . . .

Bar Point
Bar Point is a boat access river settlement approximately 10 kilometres inland from the F3 Newcastle - Sydney Freeway. The area is extremely popular as a weekend destination, being just a few minutes further  upstream from Milson's Passage by boat, & therefore relatively quick to reach from Sydney. Most people come here simply to . . .

Milson's Passage
MILSON'S PASSAGE is a cluster of charming original cottages, boatsheds & renovated weekenders just 5 kilometres upstream by boat, from the Hawkesbury River Bridge & Kangaroo Point. Facing north towards Milson's Island & surrounded by Mugomarra Nature Reserve.  This community is especially popular as a week . . .

Fishermans Point
FISHERMAN'S POINT extends out from Marra Marra National Park. & is just some metres from Bar Island. Despite being just 10 kilometres from the mainland at Kangarioo Point / Brooklyn this peninsula is one of the most secluded. There are some excellent cleared trails into the bush, offering spectacular views . . .

BROOKLYN is the main junction of the road & boat access communities in the Lower Hawkesbury region.
Just 60km by road or rail from Sydney, Brooklyn is one of those hidden gems, right on the river, 4km from the F3 freeway, & on the main intercity northern rail line. An array of restaurants, cafes & the pub

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